Conference at Vaxholms Citadell

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Conference and activity at Vaxholms Citadell where the archipelago environment without a doubt are an important part. We offer a creative and relaxed conference facility for both small and larger groups in a unique environment. Sneaking away to the archipelago is a perfect way to have peace and quiet and create a community with your participants.

Enjoy a boat transport from the center of Stockholm to Vaxholms Kastell. The Citadel offers modern and stylish conference venues capable of accommodating up to 160 people. There are 6 different conference rooms in varying sizes to suit every group's specific needs and requirements. Our conference rooms are fully equipped with all the technology you may need.

As a fun and memorable feature of your conference, we have various activities to offer. Book one of our popular team activities, it is the perfect way to end a day-long conference. You can enjoy a delicious dinner after the activity.

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