Big and small sail boats on the ocean in Vaxholm, Stockholms archipelago.
Meetings and activities near the sea and nature

Meet with colleagues in Vaxholm

Even when we are recommended to work from home, there are still occasions when you need to meet people face-to-face. Vaxholm offers many alternatives for meetings, conferences, and workshops. All of them with plenty of space so you can maintain social distance and have a safe meeting no matter how many people attend. Combine the day with good food and an activity that creates a sense of camaraderie and strengthens your team, with the sea and the countryside as a backdrop. Vaxön is just 35 minutes from Vaxholm, and since there is a bridge to the island it is easy to get here by car, boat or bus, year round. 

Vaxholm - meetings all year round

Thanks to Marklund Film AB for the script and production.