Bogesund Castle

Bogesund Castle was built in 1642–1650 by Count Per Brahe the Younger. He was Sweden’s biggest landowner at the time, and he is said to have viewed Bogesund Castle as his primary castle and home. Back then, the castle was square, with four storeys and two attics under a gambrel roof. It had many beautiful ceiling and wall paintings, some of which still remain today.

 In the 1770s the castle was modernised and you can still see traces of the wallpapers, tiled stoves and woodwork from this renovation.

In the 19th century a new stairway and front door were added, but the biggest change occurred in 1863–1867, when then-owner Nils Albrekt von Lantingshausen Höpken had the building remodelled into the romantic-style castle it is today. He also added a chapel, a dining room and an elegant conservatory. The park was also redone in the same romantic style. Von Höpken was the last lord of the manor at Bogesund Castle.

In the 1910s he abandoned it and it fell into disrepair. After many years of neglect, the government took over the castle, thanks to a specially instituted law called Lex Bogesund. Today the castle and its park are listed landmarks and managed by the National Property Board. Since no one has lived there for over 100 years, much of the castle remains in its original condition.

 The castle can only be visited via guided tours or by special group reservation.

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