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Activities at Vaxholms Kastell

Part of: Vaxholm Citadell

Kastellet's team activities are a perfect challenge and fun activity to do together with colleagues, friends and family of all ages. All activities must be pre-booked and carried out in private groups.

Prisoners at the Fortress (minimum 10 people)

The Prisoners at the Fortress are an activity where the participants are faced with different challenges. The group are divided into teams of 10 people/team and will use a map to get around to 10 different stations some were on the island. An activity guide follows each team to give the team a task at each station. The key to success is good teamwork! Since some stations are dark and can be a bit scary for smaller children and the challenges demand a certain height, we have a recommended age of 9 years old.

The activity takes 2 hours, and it takes place both outdoors and indoors. Start times at 09.00, 11.30, 14.30 or 17.00.

The Team Challenge (minimum 10 people)

During this activity it is important to pick up the fighting spirit and unleash energy and creativity. The Team Challenge is problem solving and team developing and a lot of fun. During The Team Challenge you will visit several stations that require the use of both body and brain. Collaborating within the team is essential to manage the stations and win the competition. The participants are divided into teams of 10 persons/team and the maximum capacity are 500 persons competing at the same time. The Team challenge is an activity that suits everyone. You will work with both mind and body but not in a way that is physically demanding.

The activity takes 1.5-2 hours and takes place indoors. Start times at 09.00, 11.30, 14.30 or 17.00.

Escape Room (2- 6 people)

Imagine that you and some friends are locked up in a prison cell and you have 45 minutes to get out. The only thing you have as help is your creativity and ability to work together. The activity takes about 1 hour.

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