Appipelago - iPhone guide to Vaxholm's history and sites

Do you want to learn more about Vaxholm’s fascinating history or are you just curious about the beautiful houses and beautiful places that you pass on your walk around the island? With the guide app Appipelago in your iPhone you will have a personal guide with narration, texts and pictures to Vaxholm's sites and hidden gems. Follow the map or turn on the direct guiding to get a notification as soon as you approach an attraction.

As an extra bonus Appipelago also includes a free boat guide that tells you the story of the interesting houses, islands and sites that you pass along the boat ride from Stockholm to Vaxholm and further north out in the archipelago. If you decide to get off at Möja, Grinda or Finnhamn there will be guides for them too in the app. 

The Appipelago guides work offline as soon as you've downloaded them. We therefor recommend that you download the app and the guides you plan to use (for instance the Vaxholm guide and the guide to the Citadel) when you have wifi-access to avoid unexpected roaming costs. In order not to use too much storage space on your iPhone each destination guide is downloaded separately as in app purchases. Let the adventure begin!

Contact information

Drottninggatan 7
185 31 Vaxholm
Contact: Linda Wahlström
Phone: +46-703725333